Program schedule

Tuesday, 20.06.2023
13.00 Welcome
13.15 Invited Lecture Peter Gritzmann (Chair Andreas Brieden)
"Diagrams, clustering, and coresets, and their application to the representation of polycrystals"
14.00 - 14.50 Session "Tree Problems"
  "On syntactical graphs-of-words"
Nabil Moncef Boukhatem, Davide Buscaldi, Leo Liberti (Ecole Polytechnique and Univ. Paris-Nord)
  "k-slow Burning: Complexity and Upper Bounds"
Michaela Hiller, Arie M.C.A. Koster, Philipp Pabst (RWTH Aachen)
14.50 Coffee
15.20 - 17.25 Session "Optimization"
  "Exact approaches for the Connected Vertex Cover problem"
Manuel Aprile (Univ. Padova)
  "Handling Sub-symmetry in Integer Programming using Activation Handlers"
Christopher Hojny, Tom Verhoeff, Sten Wessel (TU Eindhoven)
  "Online Facility Location: comparing ad-hoc and MIP-based algorithms"
Rosario Messana, Alberto Ceselli (Univ. Milano)
  "A Multivariate Complexity Analysis of the Generalized Noah’s Ark Problem"
Christian Komusiewicz, Jannik Schestag (Univ. Marburg)
  "Managing Time Expanded Networks: The Strong Lift Problem"
José-L. Figueroa, Alain Quilliot, Hélène Toussaint, Annegret Wagler (Univ. Clermont-Auvergne)
17.45 KHH-Summit
18.00 KHH-Summit Talk
"The Left Half and the Right Half of the Brain - Mathematics and Art"
Karl-Heinrich Hofmann
19.00 Dinner


Wednesday, 21.06.2023
9.00 Invited Lecture Janny Leung (Chair Stefan Pickl)
"Sports Scheduling"
9.45-10.35 Extended Abstracts
  "Load Balancing: The Long Road from Theory to Practice"
Sebastian Berndt, Max A. Deppert, Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder (Univ. Lübeck, Univ. Hamburg-Harburg, Univ. Kiel, Univ. Maastricht)
  "Polyhedral Approaches for Stable Steiner Tree Problems"
Alessandro Hill, Roberto Baldacci, Stefan Voß (California Polytech., Univ. Doha, Univ. Hamburg)
  "Approximation Ineffectiveness of a Tour-Untangling Heuristic"
 Bodo Manthey, Jesse van Rhijn (Univ. Twente)
  "Polynomial Approximation for Binary Nonlinear Programming"
Luca Mencarelli, Sourour Elloumi (Univ. Pisa, ENSTA, CEDRIC)
10.35 Coffee
11.05-12.45  Session "Graph Theory"
  "The algorithmic complexity of the Paired Matching problem"
Ruben F.A. Verhaegh (TU Eindhoven)
  "Edge Contraction and Forbidden Induced Subgraphs"
Hany Ibrahim, Peter Tittmann (Univ. Appl. Sc. Mittweida)
  "Rigidity of frameworks on spheres"
John Hewetson, Anthony Nixon (Lancaster Univ.)
  "Discrepancies of subtrees"
Tarun Krishna, Peleg Michaeli, Michail Sarantis, Fenglin Wang, Yiqing Wang (CMU)
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Invited Lecture Anne Remke (Chair Markus Siegle)
"Optimizing different flavours of nondeterminism in hybrid automata with random clocks"
14.30-14.55 Extended Abstracts
  "The Safe Set Problem on particular graph classes"
Roberto Cordone, Davide Franchi (Univ. Milano)
  "Transformation Invariance in the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and Nowhere-Zero Points of Non-Singular Matrices"
Uwe Schauz, Thomas Honold (Univ. Jiaotong-Liverpool and  Univ. Zhejiang)
14.55 Coffee
15.15 Excursion (Walking Shoes recommended)



Thursday, 22.06.2023
9.00 Invited Lecture Maximilian Moll (Chair Elias Dahlhaus)
"Exploring Solutions to the Interdiction Problem: Network Optimization in Operations Research, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing "
9.45-10.35 Extended Abstracts
  "A Very Large Neighbourhood Search approach to the Swath Segment Selection Problem"
Roberto Cordone, Daniel Dissegna (Univ. Milano)
  "Hump Yard Sorting in one Humping Step - Minimizing the Number of Back-and-Forth Movements to form the Outbound Sequence"
Elias Dahlhaus, Luka V. Sabljic (TU Darmstadt)
  "Production of Prefabricated Wall Elements: Flow Shop with Multi-Task Flexibility"
Gaia Nicosia, Andrea Pacifici, Ulrich Pferschy, Cecilia Salvatore (Univ. Roma, Univ. Graz)
  "Pure and Mixed Stationary Nash Equilibria for Dynamic Positional Games on Graphs"
Dmitrii Lozovanu, Stefan Pickl (Univ. Moldova and Univ. Bundeswehr München)
10.35 Coffee
11.05-12.45 Session "Machine Learning and Monte Carlo Methods"
  "Data-driven feasibility for the Resource Constraint Shortest Path Problem"
Cristina Ondei, Alberto Ceselli, Marco Trubian (Univ. Milano)
  "Monte-Carlo Integration on a Union of Polytopes"
Jonas Stübbe, Anne Remke (Univ. Münster)
  "On the Optimality Gap of Full Airport Slot Assignments: Capacity-limited Packing with Pareto Optimality Constraints"
Andreas Brieden, Peter Gritzmann, Michael Ritter (Univ. Bundeswehr München and TU München)
  "Achieving Long-term Fairness in Submodular Maximization through Randomization"
Shaojie Tang, Jing Yuan, Twumasi Mensah-Boateng (Univ. Texas and Univ. North Texas)
12.45 Closing Session
13.00 Lunch